Limited to the first 200 people who sign-up and will never be offered again. Join a select group who want it at the beginning – Suncreek Founders! Enjoy a one of a kind laser engraved double-wall power coated growler that is Suncreek tested to keep your beer cold for hours in the hot Florida sun.


  • Custom limited edition powder coated engraved stainless steel growler
  • Free fill of your growler once per month for 1 year
  • Founders only T-shirt 
  • One free beer on your birthday
  • $1 off your first beer on every visit
  • 10% off all Suncreek labeled merchandise
  • Early access to limited draft/bottle/can releases
  • $150* for the first year / $125 annual renewal fee

Important Details you need to know and accept …

Founders Club benefits ( including growler distribution,  fills & shirts ) will be fulfilled/start within 30 days of our grand opening. This is to allow for a smooth soft-opening period and allow for anticipated initial demand. 

After the one year anniversary of the program’s launch, Founders can continue their benefits by having their accounts rolled into our Growler Program for $125.00 which entitles you to the following:

  • Free fill of your growler once per month
  • One free Growler Club T-shirt
  • One free beer on your birthday - a happy day it shall be!
  • $1 off your first beer on every visit
  • 10% off all merchandise


  • Additional fees may apply - we don't know what they could be but you always see that phase in the "Legal" section
  • Free pint on your birthday must be within 14 days of your birthday
  • Not all beers are available for growler fills - see the last bullet point!
  • Monthly Founders fill must be a Founders Club growler - obviously
  • Memberships are non-transferrable - where'd you think you're going?
  • Management reserves the right to restrict ALL growler fills during events or peak periods
  • Fills apply only to Suncreek beer but do not apply to special or small batch releases - sorry, no 10% Imperial Stout fills! 

* Additional local and/or state taxes apply at checkout